Still Going On About Apples

I am happy to report that I made the apple pies for Thanksgiving this year from the apples from my own tree.  My son and family hosted and cooked the main meal, it was as always a stupendous feast.

The apples came from a tree that was a first year seedling, the year we moved here to our deserty abode in 1976.  I nurtured this little seedling until it is now a 25 foot tree.  I always heard that seedling apple trees rarely have tasty apples.  There was a large seedling apple at my Mom’s place (long gone now) in Bend, just a block from the Third Street And Franklin Street Safeway  and it lived up to the myths of not very tasty apples.  But my tree’s apples are excellent, a yellow delicious type.  They were not a total suprise, because I had one or two apples a while back.  But after 29 years, this apple tree finally fully fulfiled her mission of reproduction and had a full crop of apples and made a delicious pie.