Trying the flowers again


Here we go, I have again gained control of the picture process.


Granite gilia (Leptodactylon pungens)  These flowers open at night and are fragrant.

Mariposa lily  (Calochortus macrocarpus)

Yarrow  (Achillea millefolium)


I have made a big change in my life, I have moved real estate offices to Bend’s Home Town Realty.  I can work from my home more now, and have more time to garden and look at wild flowers.

I was having camera trouble, so have not gotten all the pictures of wild flowers that I wanted.  But my camera glitch is worked out, so here are a couple that I took pictures of this evening.

Never mind.  There is still a glitch.




The annual poppies are really getting into good bloom.  They always seem so happy.  There are a number of really good varieties that do well here in Central Oregon.  They prefer to grow from seed sown outside in either fall or spring.  Most do not like to be transplanted.

Iceland poppies are a weak perrenial, but in their good years they bloom all season, from spring to fall, and often self seed. They range in shades of yellow, orange and white.   

The Shirley poppies have white-based petals and the blooms range from white to shades of pink, orange and red. They are annual and are easy to grow from seed.  It is a cultivated version of the famous corn poppy of Flanders Field fame that is scarlet with a black center.  As the Shirly poppies self-seed, they tend to revert to that variety. 

The opium poppy, though it is supposed to be illegal to grow, I think, I have been seeing all over town, it’s ruffly and double and quite outstanding.  It seeds it’s self happily and is true to type.  I do not think that ruffuly cultivar could be the drug kind.  This is the variety of  seeds that are for culinary use.

 California poppies are another bright, colorful poppy that self-seed and has the bonus of being a native flower.

There is a perrenial version of the poppy also.  You will see them all arount town also, when they bloom in late May in brilliant oranges and some pink shades.  These can be grown from seed or you may buy plants.