Who tells the daffodils it’s spring?

My daffodils are beautiful this year. They are in full bloom here in Central Oregon, much later that those on the west side of the mountains. There are so many colors. The perianth or outer petals range from yellow, orange, white or cream; while the corona. the center cup, either the same color or contrasting white, cream, yellow, orange, red and pink. Most opf them are fragrant, too. They are my favorite of the spring bulbs and I have planted hundreds over the years. They are the one bulb I can be sure the deer, rabbits and gophers will leave alone as they quite poisonous. Their only enemy is encraching shade and the narcissus bulb fly, which I have been fortunate not to meet. I have friends that live in Bend that tell me they have trouble with this fly destroying their bulbs, I hope it does not make it this far east. This fall I will have to figure out where to plant some more, one just can’t have too many.


I am a real estate broker with Sunriver Realty, Bend, in my current incarnation. What a great way to make a living. Helping folks find a home. I like it. When I find a home for someone or help a seller make changes in their lives, it is a real rush. My goal is to help make people happy and their life a little easier. If I can help you with your real estate needs, e-mail me or give me a call. You can search for Central Oregon real estate from this site, and any property you find there, I can help you with. The other thing that gives me a rush is gardening, growing plants, especially herbs. I have been having a love affair with herbs for about the last 30 years. These history and lore soaked plants have fascinated and helped humans since before written human history. Food, flavorings, medicines, cosmetics, scents and more, these allies of humanity share with us their very essence. How fortunate I am to have such friends. Central Oregon has been my home for most of my life, except for a few years in California and the Willamette Valley, I have had a Bend address. I currently live about 12 miles east of Bend near the community of Alfalfa. I am privileged to be living in an ancient juniper forest, with venerable old juniper sentinels guarding my home and garden. I also teach gardening and herbal classes for Central Oregon Community College, Continuing Education program. I have teaching with them since 1976. I sometimes teach classes for Master Gardeners, other organizations and privately. My time has been more limited since becoming a real estate broker, so I do not teach or lecture as much as I did in years past. I even had an herb and gift shop in downtown Bend for about seven years, called Juniper & Sage. I still have my informational herb and gardening website at www.juniperandsage.com Check it out.